4 Reasons You Should Consider Taking Up Surfing

Many people do not have the opportunity to surf as they are nowhere near an ocean. For those of us lucky enough to live in places where the coastline is full of swells should take full advantage of it. Surfing can be something that is learned on vacation and practiced for a lifetime. Once you have learned to surf it is something that you will never forget especially if you understand the footwork essential to be successful. The following are just a few of the many reasons surfing you should consider taking up surfing.

Incredible Exercise

Many people do not realize how much work treading water and paddling out to the wave breaks is. There is no wonder that surfers generally are quite toned as they exercise every minute they are in the water. Even for elite athletes a long surf session can be exhausting as surfing uses muscles that aren’t commonly engaged for other physical activities. You might never bulk up on a surfing exercise program but you can definitely improve your stamina as well as body composition.

You Can Get a Great Tan

Having a yearlong tan is something that only people who live on the beach can usually boast about. Surfing on a daily basis might not be realistic but getting out on the water a few times a week is bound to leave you with a consistent tan. Applying sunscreen before surfing is a good idea if you are not wearing a wetsuit. Nothing is worse than coming home with a sunburn after surfing and ruining your entire weekend by being in pain. Checking out some of the best surf spots in the world can be a blast especially if you do not live near an ocean currently. Take a trip to Costa Rica and ride some of the best surf in the world or a trip to Australia to test your skills down under.

It Can Be a Social Sport

There will be days on the water that it seems like there was only a handful of waves to surf. This gives you time to socialize with other surfers or friends that you came with. On the other hand there can be surfers that are elitist and think that only they should be able to surf a certain area of the beach. Avoid these people as your main goal of going surfing is to have fun and not argue. Getting tips from veteran surfers is important as well as they will know where to find the best surfboards like Catch Surf boards and accessories.

The Opposite Sex Loves Surfers

Surfer guys and surfer girls generally come with a stereotype of being good looking. The fact that they exercise daily and get a great tan only adds to this. Not only do people find surfers physically attractive but they also like the style that many surfers have. This unique style combined with a laid back approach to life has given surfers the reputation of being cool people to hang out with. As far as stereotypes go the surfer has quite a positive image compared to their land counterparts who are skaters.

Surfing the perfect wave can be one of the most intense adrenaline rushes you will ever have. The combination of the patience that surfing takes to find a great wave with the pressure of never getting a better wave make this rush even more intense. When you do take up surfing it is important to check out reports and talk to other local surfers about spots. Some surfers will be quite secretive about their spots as they do not want them to become overly crowded. There will  be a few that might even invite you out to surf with them. Take up surfing as it is a decision that you will never regret. 


It's easy to understand why

It's easy to understand why the opposite sex love surfers, they look good, they are courageous and daring, and they are skilled in a field where very people are. However, surfers should be able to assess danger in this form of sport. Surprisingly the most dangerous element here is actually the sun. There are some reviews on this reef safe sunscreen resource that you will find interesting and specially helpful. Keeping the health of the skin on an optimum level is no joking mater.