Did you know: The Rolling Stones played #MYR (update)

update at the bottom...

It's true. On June 22, 1978 the Rolling Stones performed at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. 

The Stones were on tour for their "Some Girls" album and surprise concert was announced to take place right here in Myrtle Beach. The show, when announced on the radio, sold out within an hour. 

Above is a super short video of The Stones performing at the Convention Center. The video was shot by Rik Dickinson from Encore Video 417 Productions, Inc. Dickson explains in his Facebook post that the luck of filming the first few songs that night happened because, "we met [The Rolling Stones] at their plane in North Myrtle Beach the night before
[the show] with our camera and they said if we didn't shoot them there we could shoot the show."

Some quick Googling has found the groups set list that night over at Setlist.fm, they appeared to have opened the show with "Let it Rock", a Chuck Berry cover. We also came across a clipping of a Sun News article, "Concert Mood Is 'Calm'" which reads in part, 

"A Myrtle Beach policeman said six ticket scalpers had been arrested before the concert. However, none of those reports could be confirmed. By the time the concert started about 50 people were still waiting to see if they could buy a ticket. More than 60 policemen and other authorities surrounding the convention grounds at 5 p.m. and fans who did not have tickets were asked to leave the grounds."

According to a different Sun News clipping (right), the show saw 2,000 fans bare witness to Mick and crew. 

Jimmy Buffett also played at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on June 16, 1980. Read some more about some 'nearly forgotten' Myrtle Beach history here and make sure to join our Facebook group "You're Probably From Myrtle Beach If..."

Update February, 19th 2013: WBTW's Rusty Ray caught up with Rik Dickinson, the man who was at the Stones show and recorded the band's first few songs. 

Dickinson explains more about how he was able to score some free tickets and some footage of the legendary rock band.

Hop on over to WBTW for the broadcast and write-up