Civil War at 150: A pair of ironclads take on the Union blockade in Charleston

A nineteenth-century photograph of a painting by Conrad Wise Chapman, depicting the Confederate ironclads Chicora and Palmetto State in the Charleston Harbor during the Civil War.

Continuing their series of articles on the Civil War's 150th anniversary, The Post and Courier has written a retelling of two Charleston ironclads, the Palmetto State and the Chicora.

The piece introduces the era of the ships' introduction, a lull and depressing second year of the war and how the two ships would tangle and score a morale victory against the Union blockade. The paper promises a second piece telling of the blockade's rebuttal. 

Read that first part here.

You can read more about the two ships on Wikipedia: Chicora here and Palmetto State here. And keep up on Charleston Civil War tales on our topic page.