Local filmmakers' quest to film a documentary on Civil War re-enactors in Ireland

I’m not a re-enactor. I’m not even friends with any re-enactors.  But when my friend, Charleston filmmaker Gretchen Dzedzay, became embedded with Civil War re-enactors for 5 days, we learned a lot, fast.

During the 150th Anniversary of the start of the Civil War at Fort Sumter, Gretchen took some photos, shot some video and thought she’d go home.  But she quickly befriended re-enactors and ended up sticking around for 5 days.  During that time she learned about the different types of re-enactors (Farbs, Thread Counters, Ten Foot Rulers and more…).  She learned about their sub-culture and she even learned some history. History her Vermont ancestry did not entail her to previously know. (attached are some of my favorite stills from the Anniversary)

These friendships have led to the documentary, “Lest We Forget” and the new knowledge from these friendships has led us to Ireland.  Did you know the Irish celebrate our Civil War with re-enactments on the 4th of July? Neither did we. But we want to go and film it and find out just how other countries interpret our Civil War and why.

If you’re half as curious as we were, please check out our trailer and IndieGoGo campaign.

While the Irish, like Southerners, are known for their hospitality, we still need to fly there and the airlines aren’t quite as hospitable.

Erin go braugh! Lest We Forget!

Feel free to contact producer, Robin Condon at (843) 345-1834 or via email.