CSA Forum: The veggies are coming

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There is one thing I'm looking forward to more than this heat coming to a wane and that is the pick up of my first CSA box.

Community Supported Agriculture allows members of the community to cook with local produce through buying into a share of a farm's seasonal bounty. If you are familiar with the term farm-to-table, it doesn’t get any closer than this.  It is rumored that these farm fresh veggies are nothing short of perfection—heavenly in taste and undeniably healthier in content, but I am determined to find out for myself.

Let me be clear from the get-go, however: I am no chef, no cook, and no connoisseur. My cooking background began post-college when I decided I was broke, and preferred eating food that was for the most part healthy. Being a self-proclaimed part-time vegetarian, most of my “experiments” derive loosely from recipes, phone calls to my vegan sister, tips from Michael Pollan, and trial-by-fire stir-fry’s and sautés.

My goal as a first season CSA member is simply to eat fresh, eat healthy, and on the cheap. I would like share my experience, but more so, learn from others and receive perspective from the community. I have toyed with the idea of joining a CSA for about a year now, and have finally built up the courage to fork over the bills upfront and dive in. Today is the day I can pick up my first bountiful box, and my only expectations are the freshest of veggies and some killer tomatoes.

So, here’s the rundown:

Chosen CSA: Pinckney’s Produce
Pick-up site: Ted’s Butcherblock on Tuesday’s
Share size: Individual for $182/season

Fellow Digitelien, Amanda Click, and I each bought into a share from Pinckney's Produce this season and will be posting videos and interviews with the farmers, recipes, photos, and honest opinions relating to our experience. Our hopes are that this forum will become a community outlet and reference. I encourage people to post their ideas and recipes, creating a collective of information sharing the love for all things vegetated.

Most CSA's are starting in the next few days, so if you still want to sign up, you may be able to catch one last minute.

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