Charleston skateboard proposal hearing set for Tuesday

Charleston City Council has announced it will hold a public hearing on Tuesday regarding new proposed skatboarding regulations for the Downtown area. 

News of the hearing has upset some Downtown residents, who say that the busy, narrow streets comprising much of Downtown Charleston can not support both cars and skaters simultaneously.

The Council is considering a six-month trial period that includes an increase of city streets on which skateboards can be ridden, but will also carry new restrictions, including observance of road rules, a no cell phone policy, and a clause requiring riders to wear shoes at all times. The trial period also includes boarding restrictions of most of the most heavily trafficked Downtown streets, consisting of: King, Meeting, Broad, East Bay and Calhoun. Those caught in violation of the new rules will have to pay a minimum fine of $50.

Ahead of tomorrow's official meeting, the Committee of Traffic and Transportation has invited those who would like their opinions heard on the matter to attend a public discussion session on Monday at 3:30 p.m. at Charleston City Hall. No prior registration is required to attend.