A glimpse of film on South of the Border (show time announced)

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Update March 17: The film has a Saturday slot in the Charleston International Film Festival. Tickets are $9, buy online.

Update February 23: Word is the film will premier during the Charleston International Film Festival. That festival runs April 23-26.

First reporting:

You've got a chance to learn a little about the iconically tacky -- and borderline inappropriate -- roadside attraction that is South of the Border. Two locals -- Jesse Berger and Nate Mallard -- are putting together a documentary on not only the theme park, but the man behind it: Alan Schafer.

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Schafer was no stranger to controversy, his 2001 obituary in the St. Petersburg Times read in part:
He also was one of the biggest spenders in campaigns to protect video gambling, pumping tens of thousands of dollars into advertisements. South of the Border held the state's largest video gambling operation until the state outlawed the games.

At any rate, enough talking. Watch the video above and look for more details on a spring '09 screening. You can get more details about the film on Berger's Web site.

The attraction was build in the 1950s and is still up and running near Dillon, South Carolina.

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