Saturday night gala: Some final thoughts

[Editor's note: In addition to regular coverage of each Charleston Fashion Week night, we give you a gal and guy take on each set of runway shows. Brian's is below; and Karen's is here.]

Fashion Week 2010 is over. It's over and I feel empty and incomplete.

It was one of the few times in the Holy City where people disregarded their own shortcomings and banded together for a common cause: the opportunity to put praise towards creative design.

It was inspiring. And not in that hokey, Field-of-Dreams kind of way. CFW 202 made you think twice. It made you cast away  your preconceived notions about what a fashion show was supposed to be.

Amidst all the materialism, cattiness, inconsiderations and downright hate, there was something special going on; something behind the scenes. There was something that made more sense to the general fashion week public than any self-proclaimed "fashionista".

The greater good was on the line this year and Charleston delivered. Period.

It was about the children, the charities and those who were in greater need than you or I. That's where CFW 2010 made its mark the most.

Let us all just hope that the becomes more of the industry standard for future Charleston Fashion Weeks...


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