An open letter to readers, sponsors about sponsorships

At, we take great pride in offering the easiest, sleekest, most up-to-date, and informative Charleston gateway.

For the past few months we’ve pushed our sponsorship program towards the future of online advertising, but we've found ourselves fighting two battles: Educating people why our sponsorship program is more effective and worth more than "normal ads," and, secondly, why it is people should advertise with the new kid on the block. And we've had to wage those battles all while ad dollars are ever shrinking during the economic downturn.

As you've likely noticed, we’ve read those tea leaves and decided to step back towards the traditional way that most Web sites feed their workers. It's more familiar to businesses, and seemingly cheaper. 

That being said, we still firmly believe in our original sponsorship program, and will be continuing it for those businesses that see the value in it.

In effect, we'll build our brand first and then build the change we seek.

We believe the end result is still a better reading experience that gets advertisers better results.

But our promises to readers and businesses remain: We will still only advertise offer message from companies whom we believe in. We will not clog your computer screen with annoying pop-ups and flashing lights and sounds. 

We hope you understand, and know that we will still keep things simple and fast. We have a lot in store for our readers over the next few months, and with your support and the support of our sponsors we'll make it happen. Remember to support the local economy, and to keep checking in and telling your friends. 

-- TheDigitel's business developer, Austin Dandridge.

p.s. If you'd like to know more about our revised program check out our media kit.

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