"Cupcake Wars" cake shop coming to Myrtle Beach (Update: Open, Photos)

Update March 15, 2012: Coccadotts Cake Shop is now open and we have photos!

Opening their doors yesterday, March 14, the "Cupcake Wars" competitors bring their tasty treats to Myrtle Beach:

via Facebook:

Taste and freshness are the two most important things to us at Coccadotts. Our wide variety of cakes, cookies, pastries & extravagant cuppycakes are just a few selections that will get your senses going. There’s always a birthday cake ready to go in our full retail shop. Stop in for a quick bite and remember... when you’re looking for a cake that hits the spot come on down to Coccadotts!

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Coccadotts is located at 106 Sayebrook Parkway, Suite 2, just off of Dick Pond Road in Myrtle Beach. 

Check out their delicious assortment of cupcakes (and more) over at their online showcase. Also, make sure to head over to Facebook and click 'Like.'

Update January 2, 2012: Just like in our first report below, Myrtle Beach Restaurant News has the latest information on the single serving cake bakers. Read more here.

First Report: Recently featured on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars",  the Coccadots Cake Shop has begun setting up a location in Myrtle Beach.

The tip comes from Myrtle Beach Restaurant News that picked up on the news from the Coccadot Facebook page. More details are here. 

Coccadots has also confirmed on their Facebook page that they will keep their upstate New York location. They have posted a picture of the location where they will likely be opening in Myrtle Beach. Any guesses where it might be?