52.5 Records announces the opening of 16 Penny Gallery

Image by Flickr user j-rod89Image by 20091118-penny.jpg

16 Penny Gallery is a new gallery space opening within 52.5 Records with the goal of focusing on affordable art.

The gallery will feature more than 200 screen prints from artists all over the United States, as well as original art work from local artists. Chuck Keppler has collaborated with 52.5 Records in the past, to curate some of their most successful art shows -- notably, the Gig! Poster series.

The opening of 16 Penny Gallery takes this collaboration to the next level by creating a permanent space for Keppler to showcase his talents as an artist and curator. Artists to be featured in the gallery include: Leia Bell, Strawberryluna, Johnny Pundt, Chuck Keppler, Mike Klay, Phillip Hyman, Adam Turman, Jeff Lamm, Crosshair, Pete Cardoso and Matt Pfahlert/Get a Clue Design.

16 Penny Gallery will be having an opening reception on December 4th from 7 to 9 p.m.

52.5 Records is located at 561 King Street, downtown.