Quickfoxes.com: A Charleston startup aiming to offer everything (Update: More food)

Updates are at the bottom:

A Charleston company has assembled a small army of volunteers. They come from the ranks of the unemployed, the underemployed, and the self-employed. They will pick you up at the airport, clean the grout in your bathroom, retrieve your belongings from a former lover's house, then teach you how to dance the cha-cha. 

There are more than 200 possible job assignments or teaching positions posted on the website of Quickfoxes.com, and founder Mark Schwartz says the list is just getting started. 

The premise behind this website portal business is that freelancers of every stripe, after an interview and background screening, can set up shop with a video on the Quickfoxes.com’s website. 

For example, if you wish to have a gourmet meal cooked in your house you may be able to take the company's Fair Market Price (FMP), which is the lowest price for any service, and you could get a quite delightful meal cooked by a lifelong gourmet homemaker with great flair and style (satisfaction guaranteed). You could also see the video of a chef (formally trained) who perhaps will perform the meal that he is going to prepare for you right on his video so that you can practically taste it, but perhaps he wants $20 more for the experience and expertise he brings to the table. “I give them an intimate restaurant experience in their own homes. It’s very romantic,” says one chef, whose video shows a tantalizing South Carolina pork butt cooked in an entire bottle of red wine with a Chinese flair and a baby Bok Choy accompaniment.

"We do all the jobs: like raking leaves or washing the car at your house, or cleaning the attic, that you know you want done," says, CEO Schwartz, "but you just would rather someone else was doing it. I think that description fits most people. And with the new freedom we provide I say let’s cheer anyone who wants to have some time as a couch potato. It's in the Constitution somewhere as one of our unalienable rights.”

Update December 14: QuickFoxes.com is expanding a food delivery service and has partnered with 50 restaurants in downtown Charleston and the surrounding areas. 

The company — that also targets various other service areas — hopes to have 200 restaurants by February, 2012. 

— Update by Ken Hawkins