Rank'em opens music platform to Charleston community

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Ever come across a band and wondered which songs are their best? Rank'em allows the fans to decide, not the record label or the corporate backers.

A 3-year-old startup out of Athens, Ga., Rank'em aims to let music fans rank their favorite songs from their favorite artists. The aggregate of rankings from the most passionate fans create a resource for anyone from casual user to diehard fans.

The idea here is that instead of getting music charts based on number of listens or sales over the whole area, you'll get a list of songs considered the best by those that think about music in a critical fashion.

You can see Adam Wexler, a founder and CEO of Rank'em, talk about the concept of the idea in this video at TechDrawl.

Currently, Rank'em is in private beta testing and is only open to communities that the company sees passionate and opinionated music fans online.  

Rank'em has opened up the community to Charleston locals. Wexler thinks that Charleston has the same type of diehard music fans as Athens.  He is excited about the rich musical culture and heritage of Charleston, saying, "We know there's plenty of fans out there, and everybody naturally gravitates towards lists (especially their own favorites) so we're eager to introduce them to Rank'em!" They plan to use true fans to populate the lists before opening to the general public in 2010 where they plan to serve as a great first step in the music discovery process.  

He has provided TheDigitel with a password to enter the community.  To login, click here and enter the password TDT in the "Enter your code" section.