It's been a wet, wet, winter in Charleston; Here's a bit about why and its effects

Image by Flickr user dustinphillips

Yes, it's been a very wet winter in Charleston. And the reason may well be the same one that likely caused us to have a mild hurricane season: El Nino.

Pausing on the myriad of details about El Nino, I'll first pause to point out a story at The Post and Courier about just how wet Charleston has been and the effects all the water has had on us -- and our tourist economy; read it here.

Though strangely absent from that story was any mention of all the crazy flooding downtown Charleston faced in December.

And if you'd like to know more about El Nino, way back in 2004 The Guardian did a nice explainer of what effects El Nino could have on the various parts of the world.

Oh, and just incase you're curious, the forecast calls for as much as two inches of rain tomorrow. Happy Friday.