Angel Food Ministries cancels September distribution (update: closed permanently)

A food box like this could be purchased for around $40.

Update September 23rd: According to Myrtle Beach Restaurant News, the whole operation has shut down permanently.

First Report: The future of Angel Food Ministries is uncertain and may not be offering services until the new year.

Angel Food Ministries (AFM) have chapters set up in local communities in nearly 40 states including South Carolina. Generally, anyone could order a food box online that must be picked up at a specified location and date. Any boxes not picked up are given to the homeless and needy. Different boxes could be bought at various price points and the items in the box were enough to make complete meals. The Myrtle Beach area had 2 or 3 active chapters, usually churches, at any given time. 

Myrtle Beach Restaurant News posted earlier this week that AFM had stopped September deliveries. Read more here. After some digging around their Facebook page  it seems as though even chapter directors are confused about the cancellation. There is speculation on the Facebook page that Angel Food Ministries won't resume service until the new year, if at all.


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