Fire Street Food opens in old Burger Babies spot

Adding on to the recent wave of Asian food spots to open on King Street, Fire Street Food has made an opportunity of the closure of the Burger Babies spot at 239 King Street.

Connected to a Savannah spot of the same name, the Fire Street Food opened quietly this month and aims to bring a combination of the street food and Asian styles — only, you know, not in Asia and in a restaurant. 

They're serving up a range of styles from Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Chinese — so you'll find barbeque, dumplings, and even sushi on the menu. 

The Charleston City Paper offers up a rough first take over here.

But don't expect to sleuth much out about this spot online, the owners don't appear to have much interest in websites or Facebook, so I'll point you to Foursquare or a Twitter search for any evolving updates.

They're open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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