Nearly one in ten Starbucks to close

Image by flickr user turketwhImage by 20080702starbucks.jpg Are the days numbered for some of Charleston's Starbucks stores? Probably.

Starbucks has announced it will close 600 of its U.S. stores in an effort to stave off increased competition.

As of September 30 the company operated 6,793 stores. In effect, the company will close 8.9 percent of them, the company also added that 70 percent of the ones to be closed have been open for fewer than three years.

Keep up with the Starbucks store closures on our topic page.They didn't specify which specific stores would be closed yet. But, we did some quick math: There are 16 starbucks retail stores (which the announcement seems to target) in the metro area, and if you don't factor in when they opened, you can speculate that two area Starbucks will be closing.

But also keep in mind the company expects to add 200 domestic outlets over the next year or so. And don't forget that Dunkin Donuts has plans to add more coffee outlets to the area.

Stay posted to our Starbucks topic page to hear when specific closures are announced in Charleston, if any.

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