Charleston medical company Innocutis lands $6.5 million investment

Innocutis' "Insorb" skin stapler.

Charleston based dermatological pharmaceutical and device company Innocutis has secured an investment of $6.5 million in growth capital from Ballast Point Ventures.

Innocutis ' current products consist of branded prescriptions, as well as surgical devices.

The company is five-year member of the Digital Corridor and the Charleston Life Sciences community.

"Innocutis represents one of the many knowledge-based companies who are creating high-paying jobs in Charleston. I am delighted to learn that Ballast Point Ventures has made this substantial investment in one of our Life Sciences companies and opened the door for others to follow," said Digital Corridor Director, Ernest Andrade. 

The company expects to grow from 35 to about 50 employees in the coming months as it ramps up.

For more depth on the announcement, I'll point you to The Post and Courier's report.

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