D.R. Horton faces mold lawsuits

You might remember the story we ran about a month ago about a Daniel Island family who home was attacked by mold, essentially running them out of their home.

Well, that's hardly been the end of it. Several other families recently talked about having mold problems with their D.R. Horton-built homes, as well. And today it's being reported that three Daniel Island homeowners have filed lawsuits against the home builder, as well as one from Moncks Corner.

To boot, a fourth Daniel Island lawsuit is in the works.

From The Post and Courier:

"The crux of the claim is defective construction ... the end result is mold," said Jesse Kirchner, who is representing the homeowners. Kirchner said he will file a suit for the same reasons on behalf of a fourth Daniel Island homeowner.

Poor workmanship and lack of appropriate window flashings are factors in the water intrusion, he said.


Kirchner declined to identify the plaintiffs in the suits until he contacted them first. The suits were filed in Berkeley County Court of Common Pleas.

From Live 5 News:

Terrence Tully of Moisture Control Experts discovered the mold that sent the families packing over the last month. He says they were smart to call in experts when they smelled a problem.

"Visual is usually the biggest, if you see mold. Some homes you just smell it. Its hidden," Tully Said.


D.R. Horton Inc. released this statement to Channel 5 saying "D.R. Horton Inc. is committed to providing its customers with a quality home. The company has retained third-party engineers and air quality experts to examine the homeowners' claims, and will offer to make any repairs the third-party experts recommend to correct problems with the original construction."

It sounds like a rough time for D.R. Horton. No wonder they aren't saying much at the moment.