Charleston's got a new online-centric real estate company

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Officially out of their beta phase, Simplistate is making its grand virtual debut into Charleston's realty scene. 

There's a lot of innovation out there in the realty market so I don't want to go too far down the feature comparison road, so I'll simply say they seem to have done a pretty decent job making a robust Web site.

And I dig the concept of using the Web to provide an efficient low-cost product and then pass the savings on to customers ... actually that's pretty similar to the idea behind another site.

At any rate, you can learn more about the company on their about page, their blog's also got some good info.

Oh, and yeah, you could also check out their listings.


Oh, and here's the press release for the curious:

Two Charleston entrepreneurs have officially launched Simplistate, LLC, a new real estate brokerage that uses the latest and greatest technology to make it easier to buy and sell a home in Charleston. By streamlining the business model, Simplistate produces more effective results and significant cost savings.

Reggie Fairchild, co-founder and Chairman, says that the company aims to change the way real estate is bought and sold in the Charleston market. "We are putting information and control in the hands of our customers," says Fairchild. "We built a modern website search that is unlike anything else in the Southeast and we don't require registration. Anyone is free to use to find their next home." Help from highly trained Simplistate agents is available to users at any time, making the entire experience more efficient.

Fairchild left an eight-year career at America Online and moved to Charleston in 2003. At AOL, he launched some of the company's biggest and most innovative products, including a number of advancements to AOL Instant Messenger. As the housing crisis heated up and traditional real estate brokerages began to struggle, Fairchild met with Seth Siegler, a forward-thinking local broker, to discuss alternative concepts. Together, they wanted to really push the envelope to deliver a much better experience at a fair price. In short, they aimed to make things easier. The company name is a combination of the words "simplified" and "real estate." It's pronounced Sim-pli'-state.

Simplistate is based on the belief that technology has drastically altered what customers want from real estate agents. Siegler, co-founder and Broker in Charge explains: "We post every bit of information about each MLS listing on our website. As a Web 2.0 company, we combine MLS information with other data from all over the Internet so customers can get all the information they want in one place -- Google Streetview, information on schools, Zillow estimates of property values and much more. Then we give people lots of ways to search the information to find exactly what they want without touring 50 homes in person. Buyers can use our site to make informed and confident decisions. We're there to help them with the transaction and negotiation."

Simplistate uses an innovative corporate architecture to reduce both costs and carbon footprint. All Simplistate agents work remotely, reducing the need for commuting and lowering overhead otherwise wasted on costly office space. All files are kept digitally and most server activities are cloud-based -- or stored securely on the Internet instead of rotting in a warehouse. These measures, combined with carbon offsets for agent-driving, make Simplistate one of Charleston's most environmentally responsible companies.

"Real Estate was due for a change," explains Fairchild. "We think we have something to offer that's simply better in every way." Fairchild added, "We are innovating in every area of the business to improve the buying and selling experience. Our agents are using online tools and working remotely to cover the whole Charleston market efficiently. By driving down costs, we are able to pass the savings along to consumers. We are also sharing higher commission splits with agents so we can attract the best and most knowledgeable agents. See for yourself at"


About Simplistate, LLC

Simplistate, LLC offers high tech buying and selling options to internet-savvy home buyers and sellers in the Charleston, SC area. The company is co-owned by Reggie Fairchild and Seth Siegler. Fairchild brings immense business and technology clout to mix thanks to more than eight years at America Online. Siegler offers years of local real estate experience and a fanatic enthusiasm. The company launched the website in late September 2009 to critical acclaim. The site allows users unparalleled options to search the local Multiple Listing Service using criteria such as price, number of bedrooms, proximity to beaches, geographic area and much more. For sellers, Simplistate offers three different marketing plans and pricing structures, all of which are focused on online exposure and distribution. It is one of the most environmentally responsible businesses in South Carolina thanks to remotely based agents and staff, paperless files, and carbon offset purchases.


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