Laser therapy for athletic injury makes a debut in Charleston

Image by Flickr user Noeluap

With winter waning and spring ending a very long hibernation, the Bulldog ChallengePalmetto PumpStiletto StampedeDaniel Island 5k and Cooper River Bridge Run are
kicking off the training season.

Thousands of people will be participating in these upcoming events and injuries are inevitable. 

Injury can occur during training because of repetitive impacts on joints such as the ankle, knee, hip and back. Pain is one of the indicators associated with injuries. The quality of pain can range from a dull ache associated with bone or muscle to a sharp burning sensation associated with nerves. Since pain can hamper training it is important to recognize the cause and treat it quickly. 

Laser Therapy provides a solution to these bouts of pain and injury. Advantages of Laser Therapy include decreased pain, swelling, and healing time. Cole Chiropractic happens to be the first office in the Charleston area to provide K-Laser options for the active lifestyle. 

To read more about how Laser Therapy can benefit you, click here. For a video of how the K-laser works, you can also take a peek at this Youtube video.

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