Myrtle Beach golf industry giants to merge (Update: Merger complete)

Micah Taylor

Update February 29, 2012: As expected, the new National Golf Management will be official on Thursday. But there's some interesting details in the deal. 

The recently appointed Myrtle Beach National CEO, Bob Mauragas, will be President. Also Matthew Brittain is not staying on as an executive but will retain a board seat. We covered why that might be a big deal here.

This newly formed entity will control over 25% of the 90 golf courses on the Grand Strand and surrounding areas. The merger will result in six management-level employees losing their jobs. Interestingly, Burroughs & Chapin opted to keep the private-member Grande Dunes course to themselves. Recently B&C sold the neighboring Marina Inn claiming that hotel operation doesn't fit their strategic plan. Al Blondin has an extensive write-up here.

Update December 19, 2011: Burroughs & Chapin VP of golf, Bob Swezey, predicts the merger will be a done deal in early 2012.

That comes from this more general outlook from Alan Blondin on the consolidating and partnership nature of the Myrtle Beach area golf course business. You can read that here. These partnerships and the economy make it a tough environment for an independent and innovative business owner to stay apart from the crowd. Have these congolmerates created an ecosystem where if you don't join their club you won't make it and if you do join, you won't get the preferred treatment of the first party courses? That what it seems like from an outsider's perspective.

First Report: The Myrtle Beach National Company and the golfing division of Burroughs & Chapin  have announced an intent to be equal partners.

The Sun News has the scoop. Read it here. The write-up mentions some interesting statistics including that this new company would be one of the 15th largest golf managment companies in the country. It sounds like this new company will be aggresively marketing (What does this mean for Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday?) It's all a very interesting move just a couple months after Myrtle Beach National named a new President.

Is this merger a good or bad thing for the Myrtle Beach golf industry? Post a comment!


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