Myrtle Beach National hires new president; Why that's a big deal

Andria Lavine

If you live in Myrtle Beach, there's an extremely high chance that you have worked for, or at least have done business with, the Brittain familiy whether you knew it or not.

I dare say they are the modern day Rothschilds of Myrtle Beach. They have become so with strong community involvement and deep ties in local real estate and politics. It all started with the grandfather, Clay Brittain Jr. The organization has always been looking ahead. They embraced the Internet early on with several web properties including and The Burroughs family is credited with building Myrtle Beach, but the Brittains certainly deserve credit for helping to run it for the past 40 years. That's why it's a big deal when there's a change to the executive staff or board of directors. 

At the heart of the family operations and interests is the Myrtle Beach National Company. While Matthew Brittain retains the CEO seat, they have hired a new president. Even more interesting is he's not a Myrtle Beach local. The Sun News has all the details including who the new president is what future direction the Myrtle Beach National Company may be pointing towards. Read it here.


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