CARTA names new Executive Director

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The Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) has named Christine Wilkinson as Executive Director.  On Wednesday, December 21, the CARTA Board voted unanimously, reinforcing Wilkinson’s experience, knowledge and qualifications for the position. Wilkinson has been serving as Interim Executive Director following the retirement of her predecessor, Howard Chapman on June 30.

“Christine Wilkinson is a strong leader and has done a great job in her time as Interim Executive Director,” said Elliott Summey, CARTA Board President.  “She has been with CARTA since the beginning and knows the system, the area and is extremely qualified for the position.”

“I am honored to take the position of Executive Director,” said Christine Wilkinson.  “It is my priority to provide safe, quality and reliable transit service that is efficient and continues to grow and improve through smart investments, education and partnerships.”

Ridership is up by 14% and there are currently more than 15,000 passengers traveling on CARTA’s routes on an average work day. Fixed route ridership continues to grow and is on pace to surpass 4 million passengers again this year, the consecutive year.  Revenues are also up year-to-date by 5.78 percent.  

Wilkinson will continue leading operations, with her priorities focused on the following efforts:

  • Oversee and ensure operations to ensure safe, timely, quality, reliable and friendly transit service is provided to the public
  • Promote transit use with an emphasis on public education of the available transit services and the related benefits
  • Work with employees and partners to keep service efficient and continue to grow and improve through education, partnerships, and coordination.

About Christine Wilkinson

Christine Wilkinson is a native of Charleston and graduate of the College of Charleston where she earned a degree in Business Administration.  She has a career history with Charleston transportation and has been the Transit Administrator for CARTA since its inception in June 1997.  Prior to this role, Wilkinson served the City of Charleston in the same capacity since October of 1995, assisting with the changeover of Charleston's Transit System from S.C.E. & G. to CARTA.  She also assisted in the procurement of a new bus fleet, the privatization of fixed route service, and establishing CARTA as recipient of federal transportation funds. 

She coordinated the completion of several CARTA initiatives including implementation of a series of planned route revisions and fare changes, launch of the commuter-style CARTA Express service, establishment of CARTA’s Website, and the installation of video surveillance equipment on all of CARTA’s metro buses.  On an ongoing basis she has coordinated CARTA participation in evacuation efforts associated with many hurricane threats. Wilkinson has served as Vice President and President of the Transportation Association of South Carolina (TASC).  She has also served on a national Transportation Research Policy Committee to develop best practices for the implementation and management of transit websites.

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