Local cleaning expert contributing to Web site

Janice Stewart, vice president and owner of Castle Keepers, has been selected as a regular contributor to The Housekeeping Channel, an online resource offering information for consumers on how to clean, protect and enhance their homes. 

The site features information from a variety of experts in the area of cleaning, including professional executive housekeepers and cleaning services, environmental service professionals, doctors and scientists, and organizational and time-management consultants.

Stewart has contributed articles about combating the "toilet sneeze," plumes of moisture and germs that spew from the toilet when flushed as well as ways to avoid bacteria in the washing machine. In addition to being a contributing writer, Stewart tests and reviews cleaning products and equipment.

About Janice Stewart

Stewart spent 20 years as a registered dietitian in hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies in North and South Carolina. She has applied her biochemistry background and hospital infection control experience to develop and implement cleaning processes that take cleaning beyond aesthetics to improve health and quality of life. A member of the International Executive Housekeepers Association, Stewart lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband and three children.

About Castle Keepers

Owned by Tom and Janice Stewart, Castle Keepers of Charleston Inc. is a family-owned commercial and residential cleaning business, serving the Charleston, S.C., area. Founded in 1994, the company is committed to customer service and quality while offering the latest advances in cleaning for health. In additional to residential and commercial cleaning, Castle Keepers offers personal assistant services, as well as services for absentee homeowners. For more information, visit www.castle-keepers.com

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