Local resident takes to Facebook to tell the other side of the story

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Social media proves its value once again over on the WMBF Facebook page, where the "other side of the story" was presented in a post of defense.

On November 21, 2012, WMBF aired the story about a veteran's dog being shot and killed by a neighbor, who is also a Myrtle Beach police officer. You can read it here (warning to sensitive viewers, there is a photo of the dead dog).

Later that day, Brandy Feemster, a friend of the wife of the shooter published this on Facebook after the family received threats from the community. It includes details about the events leading up to the shooting and her account of what happened that day.

When we saw the dog outside Tuesday after picking our oldest daughter up from school my husband told us to stay in the car while he went to check on our dog, who was on her chain in the back yard. With my husband as a lookout I was able to bring the girls inside, the oldest crying in fear of the dog which she had become accustomed to looking out for before leaving our home daily. My husband then came inside and got his gun as protection for him while he brought our dog safely inside. When he went to get our dog the other one barked and growled at him. He yelled for the dog to go away and the dog only came closer to him barking and growling.My husband is an animal lover. We had 3 adopted older dogs before we had children and fostered dogs from the SPCA while living in California when my husband served in the Air Force.

You can read the full post and comments of reaction here.

The question still remains whether or not such drastic actions were necessary. No charges have been filed.

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