This Week Around Walkers Woods

"This Week Around Walkers Woods" is a community column written for the neighborhood of Walkers Woods, but pertains to the entire Carolina Forest community.

Hello, neighbors.  I want to start out with hearty congratulations to Carolina Forest High School for their 48-0 shellacking over Battery Creek last week.  Our boys are now 3-1 for the season.  Let’s make it three wins in a row against Kingstree this week.  Don’t forget that the Civic Association needs plenty of volunteers to serve a pre-game dinner to the Panthers later this fall.  Please shoot me an email if you can help. 

I saw several of you at Carolina Forest Elementary’s “Meet the Principal” night last week.  My wife and I were pleased with what Principal Devorick had to say.  CFE is a great school, and we are all fortunate that our kids are attending there.

The first thing that impressed me was that Mr. Devorick started the meeting right on time, even though parents were still coming in.  And they continued to come in late for the next several minutes.  How are our children supposed to learn the importance of punctuality if we don’t set the example of being on time?

He talked about the importance of raising kids to be enthusiastic readers.  The love of books leads to lifelong learning.  And he wants students to learn how to be flexible with change.  Change is often not comfortable, but is necessary. 

At one point in the meeting, Mr. Devorick held up a coffee mug designed with Norman Rockwell’s “The Toymaker”, which appeared on the cover of the Literary Digest in 1920.  Devorick said he identifies with that painting because his role in coming to The Forest is to be “the dream-maker”. 

The principal needs our help to make our kids’ dreams come true.  He wants to form a School Improvement Council of volunteer parents.  All volunteers will undergo a background check and will be trained.  Please call 236-0001 if you can help CFE reach its goal of becoming a world premier school.

At the end of that meeting, the parents of CFE fifth graders met to discuss their children’s upcoming field trip to Washington, DC.  Growing up in northern Virginia, I was able to visit the monuments and museums in Washington throughout my childhood.  It’s exciting to know that in a few years, Benjamin can also have the opportunity to see the nation’s capital with his classmates.  And hopefully, my wife and I can go along as chaperones.

Walkers Woods parents of 5th graders, if your children are able to go on this field trip, please send me a picture and the highlights when you get back, so I can include it in this column.  This sure is a great opportunity for the kids.

 Speaking of Walkers Woods kids, Children’s Committee chairperson Suzanne Noonan is now planning the annual Halloween party.  She told me it will be either Saturday Oct. 29 or Sunday Oct. 30.  The exact day and time will be announced soon.  Suzanne and her hard working assistants are planning a treasure hunt, bingo and a costume contest.  There might be an apple bob this year, and probably a few other surprises as well.

Please join me in welcoming Walkers Woods’ newest kid, Christian Furfaro.  Christian was born on Sept. 2 weighing in at 6 lbs and 7 oz.

If you have any information you would like me to include in this column, please shoot me an email at  If you are on Facebook, check out the Walkers Woods at Carolina Forest page to connect with your neighbors.  Have a great week.


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