Possible limit on number of pets coming (Update: Responsibility becomes focus)

photo by flickr user Tjflex2

Update 9/17/12:  The focus has taken a shift from limiting the number of pets to concentrating on responsible animal ownership in Conway.

The Sun News reports that the council is working towards minimum care requirements, and proper restraint and control of animals.  Consequences for leaving an animal in a vehicle, and penalties for dumping unwanted animals are also being addressed. 

First report 8/27/12:  The Conway Police Chief, Reggie Gosnell, has recommended that the number of pets at any one household be limited to four.  His initiative comes as a result to an increased number of calls about unattended cats and dogs.

The recommendations also address minimum responsibilities of care pet owners must adhere too, as well as a protocol for dealing with animals left in parked cars. Concern was expressed that those in violation of the possible new maximum would simply turn their least favorite pets out into the county or hand them over to area shelters, contributing to overcrowding in either circumstance. 

You can read more about what Conway animals owners may be dealing with if the recommendations are passed into law in this Sun News article.

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