Man arrested after allegedly using prop police car to stop woman (Updates twice)

Image by Flickr user Inventorchris Not the silver crown vic in question, but you get the idea.

(Update 2 at the bottom.)

A man who said he worked on the set of locally filmed TV show Army Wives was arrested early Saturday morning for allegedly impersonating a police officer.

32-year-old Jason T. Stoddard had been driving a prop look-alike unmarked police car when he used the police-like lights to stop a woman driving a car on James Island near 4 a.m. 

That woman then sped off after realizing Stoddard was not a police officer. 

Live 5 News offers a mugshot and short report, while The Post and Courier offers more expanded reporting.

Update 1, February 5: With the weekend over, Stoddard has been released from jail and he told ABC News 4 that the whole incident was a misunderstanding.

Stoddard says that the woman he stopped was a friend who didn't recognize him at the time. Stoddard also says that he's in no way associated with the show Army Wives. 

Check out the station's written and video update over here.

Update 2, February 6: Despite Stoddard's insistence that him and the woman he stopped were friends, she continues to tell police investigators that she does not know Stoddard.

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