Downtown resident fed up, suing bank for sound pollution (updated)

Image by Flickr user mararie

Update March 23:

A Livability court trial pertaining to the excessively loud HVAC units atop the National Bank of South Carolina took place yesterday, despite the lack of specific decibel noise constraints described in city ordinances.

In the end, Judge Michael Molony ordered the city's attorney to coordinate a mediation between the residents, bank and building's owner. Molony said he would make a final ruling at a later date once all parties got together outside of his court room.

The Post and Courier has the story of some seriously fed up condo dwellers.

First reporting:

One fed up residents in a Cumberland Street condominium next to downtown's National Bank of South Carolina is so peeved with the amount of noise the bank's air conditioning unit puts out that they've decided to sue.

To date, Charleston's noise ordinance doesn't have a specific decibel level that defines when a noise becomes an unlawful nuisance. Sound pollution is a big problem in the Holy City, and the 75-decibel whine of the bank's unit is equivalent to a vacuum cleaner.

Get the story at The Post and Courier as well as link to a video of several loud HVAC units and their locations in the downtown Charleston area.