Citadel QB, three others charged in crime against assistant coach (updated: charges keep rolling in)

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Miguel Starks, 19, a quarterback for The Citadel, has been charged with three others in connection with an armed robbery.

Here is where the plot thickens: the victim is no other than Starks' assistant coach at The Citadel, Joshua Harpe.

Here's more on the crime from The Post and Courier's reporting:

A police affidavit states Starks pointed "a handgun (semiauto) at the victim, struck him once in the head with the handgun and ordered him back into (the) apartment ... The defendant ... then bound the victim with black duct tape around his legs, mouth and eyes and threw him face down on the living room floor."

The other people charged in the case are former Citadel player Reginald Anthony Rice, 22, and two College of Charleston students, Stephen Horace Francois, 20, and Sasha Gaskins, 18.

Both The Post and Courier and The State have reports on this weekend's crime. The Citadel has also released their own statement regarding the crime, read it here.

Update March 3:

The Post and Courier has an updated report on the armed robbery and kidnapping of The Citadel's assistant football coach Joshua Harpe.

As of Tuesday, Miguel Starks, the 19-year-old Citadel football player charged in the crime was no longer enrolled at the school.

Citadel football coach Kevin Higgins has finally opened up to the press and The Post and Courier has a video of Higgins talking about the status of Starks and the mindset of the Bulldogs as they open spring practice.

Update March 4:

There's more bad news involving the College of Charleston freshman Sasha Gaskins who was involved with the crime against The Citadel's assistant football coach.

On top of facing charges in the crime against Joshua Harpe, Gaskins now faces charges in connection with an additional violent home invasion that took place on James Island.

According to The Post and Courier:

Gaskins is accused of knocking on the door of the home and pretending that her car had broken down, Clark said. Two masked men, one with a revolver, then overpowered a woman who answered the door and forced their way inside, authorities said.

One victim identified Gaskins as the woman who knocked on the door.

Hop over to The Post and Courier for the story.

Update March 4, 4:38 p.m.:

The Post and Courier is reporting that two College of Charleston students implicated in the robbery of a Citadel football coach have been banned from returning to campus if they are released from jail.

Update March 9:

The criminal charges continue to roll in for the two former Citadel football players and College of Charleston student involved in last week's armed robbery and attempted kidnapping of The Citadel's assistant football coach.

Starks, Rice, and Francois will be charged with first-degree burglary, two counts of armed robbery, two counts of kidnapping and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime for a crime committed on Woodland Shores Road on February 24th.

The James Island hold-up occurred at the home of former Citadel cadet Herbert Joseph Butler III.

The Post and Courier has a recount of the crime as follows:

He reportedly was cooking steaks when two masked gunmen forced their way inside his home. The gunmen bound Butler and a woman with duct tape and rifled through the house, stealing electronics and his bank card, deputies said. One of the intruders also sexually assaulted Butler's female friend, a report states.

Get the whole story over at The Post and Courier.

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