We kinda like it: Adding Facebook's 'like' button to TheDigitel

Keen readers will note the addition of new "like" button at the footer of each post.

Yes, we've waded into Facebook's ever-broading influence on the Web to give their new "Like Button" social plugin feature a whirl.

So, take note of it, and maybe use it as its a good way to quickly share interesting posts with your friends and give us some seamless feedback.


From a philosophical standpoint, I've never really liked features that require you to have an account to use, especially features that require 3rd party accounts. 

And then there's the downside of not using our own, in-house like widget. Doing that would allow us to track our most liked posts and give present lists of the most liked content and other content they might like, ala Netflix.*

In short, using the Facebook like widget will get us more exposure at the cost of losing a bit of site sovereignty. 

Time will tell if this like button is worth it.

*Yes, I realize it would likely be possible to use an API to retrieve some of this data, but that end solution would be dependent on Facebook's liking of us, and likely convoluted to us as developers and you as users.