We're offering a discount to Charleston-area independents

Are you a designer, writer, handyman, consultant, or one of the other many types of one-person businesses in the Charleston area?

Well, we're offering a special package and discount for those that strive to do it on their own but could use a little bit of extra publicity.

Why are we? I used to do a good bit of freelance Web design, and I was frustrated by the slow pace of word-of-mouth recommendations, I also had no physical building to advertise my presence. And this package is something I think would have helped me reach many would-be customers in the Charleston area.

We're offering a discount rate of $45 per month, which buys you 10,000 copies of your graphic or text message displayed to readers. Agree to do 10 months or more of advertising and we'll help out in kind by featuring you in our soon-to-be-released index of supporters along with a write-up about you and your service.

If you're confident in your product and want more business, a little publicity can do wonders for business (and SEO.)

If you're interested, but want to learn more fitst, drop us an e-mail (advertise@thedigitel.com) or give me a buzz at (843) 252-5627.

Or, go ahead and grab one.

Want to target readers by demographics, tech-savvy, or location? We can do that. 

If this description doesn't really fit your business, check out our other advertising options.

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