Photos from the 'Party for the Parks'

Image by Robert Donovan

All last week the Charleston Parks Conservancy put on events to remind folks just how much they should love their parks.

And just incase that message wasn't getting through, on Saturday, March 13, they put on one big festival to really drive home the point: The Party for the Parks.

Well, that event has come and gone, and if you were unfortunate enough to have missed it (or couldn't foot the $55 admission price,) I've got good news: Robert Donovan was there snapping pics and has been kind enough to share a few on TheDigitel -- you can see all of them over here.

The view from across the pond -- the party was held on Ashley Avenue at Colonial Lake.

Capoeira dancers -- seen here -- rollerskaters, breakdancers, jugglers, and hip hop dancers were all part of the night's draw.

See the rest over here.