Sammy the Wonder Dachshund says good bye Charleston, hello Africa

Image by Sammy Dog Books

Did you join the search party for Sammy?

Wednesday, January 27th, was the official book release and signing party for the children's book The Adventures of Sammy the Wonder Dachshund: Sammy on Safari by Jonathan Miller. The event took place at a special pop up shop located at 438 King street where the large crowd grabbed the attention of all those passing by.

Miller, a down-to-earth twenty-something addressed guests saying how much happiness it brings him to get to read and share his stories with children. The books were uniquely created by Miller, a South Carolina native, using construction paper. Miller claims to have sometimes sat at his desk for days on end creating his new release.

Miller's original book about Sammy takes place in Charleston while the new book describes Sammy's adventures in Africa where he meets lots of exotic animals and learns about helping others along the way.


Miller lightheartedly says that he chose the Dachshund because his ex-girlfriend had one and when they broke up he realized that he liked the dog more than her. Miller says he is excited but overwhelmed with all of Sammy's success. The event included food, drinks, and the sale of original Miller artwork from the Sammy books.


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