Myrtle Beach short film "Dolls for Strangers" wraps; Premiere in CHS

Update December 8, 2011: Back in April, we reported (below) about a local independent film being made in Myrtle Beach and looking for community funding to increase the technical quality of the production.

TheDigitel, along with several others, supported Ken Cohen and he was able to complete his project. According to the movie's Facebook page, it will premier at the Greater Park Circle Film Society's "A Night of Shorts" on January 7th at 8 p.m. 

Look for us in the credits!

First Report: A short film called "Dolls for Strangers" is being shot in Myrtle Beach next month. You can help the movie get made and get something in return depending on your donation level.

It will feature a cast comprised of all local talent, ranging from Coastal Carolina students, professors, and local actors.  The writer and director, Ken Cohen, is currently a Myrtle Beach local, and made his last short film, Afloat here as well. In the last few months, Afloat has been screening all over the area, including Charleston, Park Circle, and Myrtle Beach. He has screened at film festivals around the country, and received distribution for his feature film "Decomposed." 

Ken has been making short films for ten years (IMDB), and has gained positive reviews from audiences and critics for his originality and writing, but has been lacking in the advances of acceptable independent film technical quality, due to budget constraints. 

With this new film, he is putting in the much needed effort to allow the short film to technically shine by hiring a professional Director of Photography and Sound Recordist, both of which are Wilmington locals.  To help fund their very modest hiring fees, Ken has been reaching out to all communities to donate any money they are able to.  So far he has raised $690 of his $2,000 goal. 

Cohen's efforts to film in the Myrtle Beach area can be supported by micro-donations made through Indie GoGo. As a token of appreciation, rewards for different denominations will be given.