Where to get your Spoleto, Piccolo, and Fringe tickets

Are you interested in buying tickets for Spoleto, Piccolo Spoleto, or Piccolo Fringe, but don't know where? Well here is a rundown.

First off, if the three festivals thing confuses you: Spoleto is home to the more produced (and more expensive) shows like Don John, Louise, and others that you shouldn't be shocked to see in the New York Times. And then there's Piccolo Spoleto, this one's produced by the City of Charleston and offers more affordable and free events for the public. And there is Piccolo Fringe -- which, yes, is tied to Piccolo -- focuses on bring lots of improv, comedy, and other theater -- to Piccolo.

Get more coverage in our Spoleto special section. All three festivals offer tickets for purchase at the Gaillard Municipal Auditorium, where you can save yourself the service charge of purchasing them online. 

If you can't make it to the Gaillard, then buy them online: Spoleto, Piccolo Spoleto, Piccolo Fringe

You can also find them on Ticketmaster

Hope it helps!