Fun stuff to do this summer

Image by flickr user kthyprynImage by 20080628summerfun.jpg Squirrels, just like people, need to have fun in the sun.

Charleston City Paper's Summer Guide 2008 is an excellent round up of fun things to do in Charleston this summer. It's their self-described "handy dandy guide to let you know about all the things you should and shouldn’t do this summer. The good clean stuff, like hitting the trails or playing a round of miniature golf, we recommend. The bad stuff, like hot-wiring a car or playing mailbox baseball, we don’t. Hopefully, you won’t confuse the two."

Some highlights:
- Their family-friendly activities, particularly their reminder of Whirlin' Waters Adventure Waterpark and it 27,000-square-foot pool. They also round up the rest of the area water parks and amusement parks.
- Their at the beach activities. Get tips on building sand castles, laws at area beaches, and where to rent kayaks, surf boards, and jet skis.
- Their summer sports guide. Find out where to get whacked with some paint balls, visit a fun park, and throw some frisbee golf.
- And if none of those active things float your summer boat, get fat and drunk using their food and booze guide.