The best sports bars to watch your team in Myrtle Beach

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Just where are the best sports bars in the area? Which team drives these places on Saturday and Sunday? Will I be beat up for wearing my team's colors?

Ok, while you probably won't get beat up for wearing a certain team's colors, you will probably get harassed a bit by the opposing fans. 

The start of football season kicks off this weekend and with so many sports bars around town and transplants from all over the country living here, it's hard to know where the best places to watch your team on the weekend. Quite a few bars in the area are dedicated to certain teams. For example, Oscar's in North Myrtle Beach is a Steelers strong hold; they have gone so far to express their love for the Steel City that years ago they painted the exterior of the place black and yellow. 

Wanna know where to go? Just click on one of the footballs below to read up on the selected bar. 

So, TheDigitel readers, what's your team and where do you rep them on Saturday and Sunday? We'll be adding which bars for what team as folks comment below. 

*note: All of these bars have the college and football packages needed to view any game being broadcast and will gladly put which ever football team on for you. 

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