A similar service out of Miami.
New fast boat tours offer fun and controversy

Offering what they call "the fastest public tour boat in the harbor," Thriller Charleston is a 43-passenger power catamaran that offers tours of the Charleston area, including the Morris Island Lighthouse.

The Post and Courier has a write-up of the new service, a video, and they discuss some of the surrounding flak. An excerpt:
“They said, ‘That thing is obnoxious.’ ‘We can’t believe it’s a yellow boat; Charleston is a white boat area.’ ‘It belongs up in Myrtle Beach,’ ” Mark Fox said. Sailboaters gestured obscenely — something that really nettled Fox, a lifelong sailor who was forced to sell his sail yacht to buy Thriller because his Pegasus Charters needed more business.

The company is currently running daily tours and tickets cost $30 ($20 for adults). Get lots more info on their Web site.