B-1NZ Rocks Da Mic

Photo Courtesy: Myrtle Beach Scene

Local hip hop legends, the B-1NZ are back, not only with a new album, but with a return to the House of Blues stage.

Hailing from the Wampee area of Horry County, the B-1NZ have been together since they were kids and recently one of the group members Sunni-G set off for a little bit and released a solo album, but always had plans to keep the group together.

Here is what ListenUpMB wrote about the night,

The House of Blues hosted its latest edition of Myrtle Beach Rocks Da Mic local hip-hop series on Friday. Despite a few scuffles and stupidity from fans who obviously weren in it for the music, the event went over well as usual, with plenty of fans on hand to watch as B-1NZ, Lil' Drama, Wave, and Cocky-N-conceited took the the stage and did their thing. 

Go on and check out the video and photos over at ListenUpMB.

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