"This is big people furniture. Try not to sh@! all over it." a locals review

I loved season one of Eastbound and Down. Season two? Not so much. While it was funny, and still in the same ballpark as season one, something felt off. This season, however, seems to have both of those things going for it. 

I'll confess, I didn't watch the all the episodes of season two of Eastbound and Down. I just stopped watching after Don Jonson was revealed to be Eduardo Sanchez and Powers' father. I don't know why I stopped, I just did. Like I said, season two just felt off from season one. But here we are now, season three and it takes place right here in Myrtle Beach. I will watch every episode. 

Let's get down to it, shall we?

I like this show. I like Danny McBride. But for me, too much of both is not a great thing. McBride's comedy is brash and most of the characters he plays, including Powers, are pretty unlikeable people. But that's also why you watch, because you know someone just like that

During this new episode, I found myself laughing but then feeling bad for the guy. I think a great turn for the show is that now it seems Kenny Powers slowly is getting that he is a joke, but just doesn't know how to stop being the way he is.

The picking up of the main character's CCU groupies was funny at first, but then just became slow and uneasy to watch. The birthday scene was more awkward than funny. All of the scenes involving Myrtle Beach as a prop were pretty awesome, though. When Kenny (McBride) and April (Katy Mixon) were having a moment on the back of the boat and the second Powers mentions Myrtle Beach, the camera pans to reveal they are on a booze cruise with drunken co-eds who are doing keg stands. The putt-putt scene was great. Riding the ferris wheel at Family Kingdom, doing tons of drugs while on the ride, and then showing that two kids on vacation were also in their gondola was just perfect. 

The last scene of the episode looks like Kenny is going to have to grow up (the best he can) and figure out how to be a father (the best he can) and do it quickly. All in all, I'll keep watching this season. Not just because Myrtle Beach is the back-drop but because I am a huge fan of the supporting cast and their quirky characters. 

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