Glass Onion pens a cookbook, 'Glass Onion Classics' (Update: Book signing, recipe demo)

Update November 18: If you missed the previous book signings, know that there's another one on Saturday, November 19, at the Le Creuset showroom, at 241 King Street.

The event will go from 1 to 2:30 p.m. and O'Kelley will also be demonstrating a recipe from the book, Papa's Oyster Stew.

Update September 2: It's been nearly a year since word first went round about the Sarah O'Kelley's food blog and cookbook.

But now the book, "Glass Onion Classics: Recipes from a Southern Restaurant," is hitting the streets.

Charlie Mag has a nice preview on the book (read that here) and a book signing is coming to SieMatic on King Street on Wednesday, September 21, at 5:30 p.m.

First reporting October 16, 2010: Sarah O'Kelley over at the Glass Onion has started up her own food blog, writing about not only about their food, inspirations, and recipes, but about local food trends, interesting food persons, and just good food in general.

Recent posts include: Coast Brewery -- A Charleston Tale, 10 Reasons to Buy Local Food!, Braised Local Greens with Benton Bacon, and Ruth's Key Lime Pie.

Go take a gander over at her posts.

A hat tip to the Charleston City Paper for spotting the new blog, and they also note that the blog is a prelude to a new cookbook due in early 2011.