Food is Art: Bill Mead Solo Exhibit

Image by Bill Mead "Self Portrait with Monocle" by Bill Mead
32" x 24", Oil on Canvas

Bill Mead, native to Beaufort, has a love affair with food and his paintings cross the lines between Realism and Surrealism in a witty way.

Mead has been showing with SCOOP Studios since the beginning, March 2009, and he continues to surprise even the gallery owners. "We are always wondering what Bill is going to send us and we love it every time" says Colleen Deihl, co-owner of the gallery. 

Mead has been drawing and painting erotic figures for years, but it was out at roadside fruit stand where Mead first painted a Watermelon on a sign. It needed more, so he added the sky and a landscape. Then he sold the painting and his popularity started to grow. His imagination and humor will put a smile on your face.

Bill Mead's solo show will open at SCOOP studios located at 57 1/2 Broad St. Charleston, SC on Friday, March 5th at 5 p.m. and will be on view through March 16th.

The gallery and openings are always free and open to the public.