Multimedia art and music ensemble 'La Soupe Dangereuse' are performing at Tivoli

Image by Photographs by Chapman Fowler

La Soupe Dangereuse is an ambient sound design and post-rock musical ensemble that incorporates a team of visual artists known as the 'Artificialists' to choreograph multimedia narratives into their live performances. And they're coming to Tivoli Studios on February 17th.

Elements of video, installation art, performance, kinetic sculpture, interactive props distributed to the crowd, and mostly all made from recycled materials, create sublime art happenings that both challenge and explore notions of materialism, intertextuality, craftsmanship, and meaning.

Until now, this preoccupation with simple materials such as cardboard, bicycles, fishing line, and light has been one of necessity since we essentially work from a shoe string budget, but the challenge has been rewarding as our sense of presentation is truly put to the test and the simplicity of our materials draws attention to both the artistry and our nature vs. machine brand of iconography.

There will be an opening reception and refreshments 3 -7 p.m. with an artist lecture and Panel Discussion 4 p.m. Performance art and music kick off at 5 p.m.