Charleston-rooted Mikayla Mackaness to give lecture

Image by Mikayla MackanessImage by 20080808Mackaness.jpg Her photo "Under His Umbrella."

As part of the Second Monday Lecture Series, Mikayla Mackaness will speak in a lecture at the Charleston Center for Photography (map).

Here's a bit about her from the Alterman Center for Photography:
Mikayla is a freelance photojournalist and humanitarian relief coordinator. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Journalism from Brooks Institute of Photography; and a Master of Arts in International Communications and Master of International Relations from Macquarie University. She has lived and worked in dozens of nations with nonprofits and governments for documentary and post-crisis services.

Originally from Montserrat, West Indies, her father is Australian and her mother is American. Mikayla and her two sisters attended grade school here in Charleston, SC.

"I enjoy the emotive nature of a stilled moment as well as the context received in multimedia pieces fusing sound, movement, and light. I crave the journey of a life lived in the fullness of love, peace, and grace, 'we belong to one another.'"

The lecture is Monday (August 11) at 7 p.m. and is free.