Photographic installation by Cynthia Farnell at the Notso Hostel

Image by Cynthia FarnellImage by 20080826sisters.jpg Title: Sisters.

Cynthia Farnell will use archival images from the Library of Congress and apply them to the walls of a historic charleston building to create a photographic installation titled "Presence."

The work will be viewable at the Notso Hostel from 2 to 10 p.m. daily from Friday, August 29 through Monday, September 1. An opening reception with the artist will be held Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. The Notso Hostel is at 156 Spring Street.

Here's a bit about the the show from Farnell's Web site:
Cynthia has selected archival images of Charleston and its environs from the Library of Congress. The images form the basis for photographic murals applied directly to the walls by means of a transfer process. The artist describes the result as “ visually analogous to the eroded frescoes of ancient Pompeii.” Her murals evoke the presence of the past in daily life through her selection of the structure and the imagery, both dating from the late nineteenth century. Cynthia says, “The project is a way for me to connect with my community through its photographic history and architecture.”