Tree Of Life Art Show next weekend

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The first annual Radiant Light Art Show is next weekend on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at the Tree of Life Christian Academy. 

The Tree of Life Art Show is a charity event that has invited local artist to participate, get exposure and sell their work. We spoke with Chris Steele, one of the event organizers and participating artists and he informed us that, "This is a charity art show, so we are asking the artist to make a donation if they do sell some art work." Besides local artists, there will be some big name artists' works available at the show; some of those names are: Thomas Kincaide, Virginia Bolton,  Tim Cox and the always awesome Bob Ross.

The show's proceeds will go to support the Tree of Life Ministry, their youth outreach program and daycare; additionally they are committed to helping the Crohns Foundation

Steele tells us that they have, "invited over 200 doctors, lawyers, business and gallery owners so that the artist have a real chance to sell there work for what it is worth." This is an all ages event and the whole family is welcome, show tickets are $15 at the door (that money goes to the charities as well as the catering). The show runs from 2 to 7 p.m. 

Additional event details can be found at their Facebook event page

  • If you are an artist and interested in participating, check out this post for the details.