Walk gallery takes a closer look at peace

Image by WALK galleryImage by 20090910-peace.jpg

Charleston's Walk gallery is presenting an art show that will look at artists perspectives on peace entitled, 'Peace: What A Day Of Peace Means.'

The opening of the show is set for Friday, September 18 at the old Millennium Music building at 372 King Street.

Here's a bit more on what is happening from the press release:

Charleston artists are joining in on the effort to bring awareness to September 21, the International Day of Peace and Cease Fire. Tina Christophillis is helping WALK Gallery curate the show, Peace: What a Day of Peace Means. Showcasing artists perspectives of what peace means to them. The artists participating in the show are Tina Christophillis, Matthew Foreman, Jessica Jarva, Mary Edna Fraser, Tyler Ann Blanton, Jeff Fitzharris, Angela Chvarak, Laura Olsen, Joanna Jackson, Erica Velt, Kimberly Held, Chris Tertzagian, Rebecca Weekes, Tiffany Lippincott, Kip Bulwinkle, Stephanie Drawdy, Karole Turner Campbell, Matthew Bowers, Jonell Pulliam, and others, including childrenʼs artwork.

The time is still up for debate, we'll keep you posted.