Woodworking and photography event at Aster Hall

Image by Flickr user darijus

On Thursday, July 29th, Aster Hall is pleased to present woodwork by Charlie Moore and Raven Toney, featuring photography by Diana Lauderdale of FactoryCactus.

By focusing on the wood’s unique qualities and characteristics, Charlie Moore creates heirloom, one of a kind furniture that allows the wood to speak for itself in clean, organic forms. His smooth and sleek contemporary furniture style exudes a sense of timelessness and permanence. By highlighting the distinctiveness of the wood, the pieces take on an artistic attribute allowing form and function to become equal partners. His work features traditional joinery employing the use of antique hand tools as well as modern power tools

Raven Toney is an artist who sees perfection in items that are overlooked or dismissed by others. His furniture is made entirely from salvaged wood: discarded planks, flooring, stumps, limbs, even leftover crown molding trim. Toney takes what others throw away, literally, and crafts gorgeous, functional art.

Diana Lauderdale was born in the Mojave Desert, Southern California in the 1970s, enjoyed the social upheaval of the 1980s and entered into the joys of parenthood in the 1990s. She has traveled this land extensively, served this country lovingly and reaches to touch the people with her humble and soulful approach to her Americana Photography. Diana is a self-taught photographer and product designer with an overall goal of highlighting uses for recycled and salvaged materials

The event, which runs form 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. is free and all are welcome.

Aster Hall is located at 481 King Street.